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Particularly dedicated to Building Design, ARION’s project team includes experienced Structural and Civil Design Engineers, Thermal and Energy Qualified Experts, as well as a Passive House Certified Designer, with projects at ARION’s responsibility for Passive House Certification, the most demanding in the world.

With the positively influence aiming for building with the smallest energy footprint, and above all designing energy and thermally efficient buildings that meet the demands and technical requirements of today’s architecture, ARION has acquired particularly distinctive expertise.

In addition to simply carrying out the various speciality projects required for the licensing or execution of a project, ARION can provide integrated project development with a financial framework, reliable with project coordination and contract management, a turnkey model that become a guarantee for the client.

The various engineering projects also include allotments, hydraulic infrastructures, environmental licensing of independent infrastructures, or projects related to urban mobility requalification, in cooperation with partners from specialised engineering offices.

PassivHaus (in German) is a voluntary standard and building concept developed in the late 1980s on the basis of a pilot project. In 1996, the Passive House Institute was founded, which manages all certification activities for buildings built according to this concept.

PassivHaus defines a high-performance standard that is energy efficient, healthy, comfortable, affordable and sustainable. It is the highest energy efficiency standard in the world, with energy savings of up to 75 per cent compared to conventional buildings. It is a tested solution that fully meets the definition of NZEB – Nearly Zero Energy Building.

The indoor environment in a PassivHaus is characterised by good air quality, thermal comfort with a minimum winter temperature of 20ºC and a maximum summer temperature of 25ºC.

A PassivHaus respects the principles of building physics in order to prevent the appearance of pathologies that are common over the years and harmful to the building and its inhabitants, optimising the building’s performance.

A PassivHaus drastically reduces CO2 emissions due to its high energy efficiency. The concept therefore contributes to climate protection by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The low energy needs of a PassivHaus can easily be met by renewable energy sources.


The 5 basic pillars of Passive House construction are:

  1. Adequate levels of isolation of the building envelope;
  2. Windows and doors with excellent thermal insulation and airtightness;
  3. VMC system – Central Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery;
  4. Airtightness of the building’s surroundings;
  5. No thermal bridges in the building and surroundings;

With long proven experience in Technical Supervision and Safety Coordination on site, ARION is the right partner to ensure quality control during the execution of the work, either confirming the execution or adjustment of the project, or controlling the construction procedure and the technical applicability of materials.

In this customer support model, we can also provide all the planning control services, anticipating problems or revising short or medium-term objectives in the planning and direction of the work, as well as support for the financial and cost management of the contract, ensuring control over the financial cycle in the light of the premises of the contract, so that none of the parties involved are harmed or prevented from carrying out the work properly.

It is in this working model that clients can take the most of their collaboration with ARION, both through the confidence of working with a single interlocutor, the guarantee of compliance with the pre-established budget and the integrated responsibility for the various stages of the design process until the end of construction.

Right from the moment the programme is set up, and the preliminary architectural study is completed, ARION joins the work team so that each stage of the project development matches the client’s expectations in terms of design and the level of comfort demanded, but also respects the financial frame, addressing essential issues such as the project ideology, the return of investment versus the operating and maintenance costs of the investment, as well as eliminating unwanted issues or criteria from the outset.

It is in this working model and cooperation that the small details that enrich and personalise a project or building are addressed in advance. Details such as thermal comfort combined with a sustained or properly thought-out construction, coordinated between engineering and architecture, more traditional details or more advanced technology, such as intelligent building management, really come to the fore in the overall framework of the project development in good time, ensuring more harmonious compatibility, with visible high-quality results in the final product.

ARION, with its experience and Class 5 Construction Licence, is a reliable partner for project development in this model, allowing its clients the following stages and its advantages:

  • A single agent of contact for project development
  • Controlled determination of the construction process
  • Market approach to determine, together with the client, the quality of each component of their project in a prioritised configuration and management
  • Guaranteed Financial Framework
  • Construction with Planning Management, Site Preparation and Contract Management
  • Responsibility and Guaranteeing Compliance with Deadlines
  • Licensing and Contact Management with all stakeholder in the process and external Entities
  • Certification of Technical Installations, Technical Compilation and Maintenance Management
  • Guarantee the Legal Licence to Use of the investment and All the following demanding official registers